Digital Wargaming Presents

WW2 Company Commander

Augmented Reality Tabletop Wargaming Experience

Revolutionary tabletop wargaming app with augmented reality and complete digital rules system
WW2 Company Commander combines tabletop miniatures with a digital application to manage army lists, track turns, measure distances, run calculations and track damage

Unified Digital and Physical Experience

Use miniatures in conjunction with Company Commander digital rules to fight intense battles from WW2.
Manage Army Lists
Use the built in lists or create your own. Including all units needed to fight company level engagements.
Play with Digital Rules
Measure distance, select weapons and resolve combat with the Company Commander mobile app
Use your favourite miniatures
Designed for 12 to 15mm. We recommend using Victrix and their superb range of miniatures.
Detailed Combat
Going digital allows for great detail in combat
Quick to setup and play
Digital Rules and army lists mean getting up and playing is fast!
Game Accuracy
The app keeps detailed track of damage suppression and uses this accurately in calculations.

(c) Victrix Ltd

A revolution in miniature wargaming!

We built Company Commander as we wanted to have detailed game mechanics and stats while keeping the feel and flow of a tabletop wargame!

(c) Victrix Ltd

Regular Updates
Regular updates to rules and unit statistics. New unit types and features available in an ongoing basis.
Join the Community
Help to shape a whole new world of digital gaming. This is just the start of something special. We thank you and invite you to join us on facebook to discuss and help improve WW2 Company Commander.
Tested Fast Play Rules
We have tested and refined this unique rule set to bring out the best of this hybrid experience.
So Many ideas!
Now we have built and played with this revolutionary system we see many possibilities that we would love to add.

Getting Started

It's really quick to get up and running with Company Commander!

1. Get The App
Get the app from Apple App store. It comes ready loaded with a couple of Unit Lists but you can create your own in no time at all. You only need one copy of the app to play a game for two people. All updates to the app are delivered for free as soon as they are available. There are no in-app purchases.
2. Prepare Your Miniatures
Company Commander has you in command of sections of infantry and vehicles (tanks, troop carriers etc). The infantry are best based on 40mm sqr bases for rifle sections then 20mm sqr for weapons teams (mortar, sniper etc). Vehicles dont need to be mounted. A small engagement consists of around 6 sections of infantry, 2 weapons teams and 2 or 3 tanks (per side)..
3. Get a Table Ready
You need a flat surface to play, minimum is about 1m sqr but more space provides greater opportunity for tactics. The AR capabilities work best in good light so make sure there is enough. Then use what ever scenery you have to create a battlefield for the opposing forces. Adding lots of cover (fences, buildings and forest) provides lots of variation in how battles play out.

In Action!

First Game Setup / Basics

Our Sentiment Goals

I can spend my time planning and executing strategy while the app keeps track of all the stats.
I love that I can use miniatures and have super detailed combat outcomes.
The pre-made army lists and unit types lets me get a game going in next to no time.

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